Backyard proposal in Grosse Pointe Park

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Tim planned the perfect backyard proposal for Emily. The ring wasn’t the only surprise…

Last year, I photographed the wedding of Matthew and Meredith. After rescheduling it several times due to the ever-changing Covid restrictions, when the day finally came, everyone was ready to celebrate. There are weddings where you feel like a photographer and then there are weddings where you have so much fun and connect with the group that you feel like a guest. At that wedding, I was a guest. Tim and Emily were at that wedding too; Tim as the groom’s brother and Emily the bride’s best friend. Months later, when Tim told me about proposing to Emily, I was honored to be a guest at such a momentous and meaningful moment. Hundreds are often present at a wedding ceremony. Friends and family are present throughout the wedding day. Rarely, is anyone present for a surprise proposal. We scouted locations looking for something that met all of the criteria: a meaningful spot in their relationship, a story that made sense why they would be there, a moment of privacy for them to remember, and of course, a place to hide! Tim decided on his parents’ backyard, a place where they spend Sundays as a family grilling and “throwing the rock” as Tim and his brothers say. As Tim approached with Emily, she had no idea the surprises that were in store. After Tim stopped, dropped her purse and turned to talk, Emily was confused. However, when Tim began to reach into his pocket, her dream started to become a reality. backyard proposal backyard proposal backyard proposal backyard proposal Tim pulled off a heartfelt surprise backyard proposal. Filled with tears and joy, Emily said “yes.”  There are so many moving parts, micro-moments, and changing emotions during a proposal. One of those moments is when Emily realizes that she isn’t totally alone during the backyard proposal. Her reaction was priceless. backyard proposal backyard proposal I think it is safe to say, Emily loved the ring. backyard proposal Tim had a few more surprises for Emily.  Quietly hiding in the house and watching from the bedrooms was Tim’s family. After Tim and Emily celebrated, Tim turned Emily around to see all of them with her in spirit. Emily was moved to tears with the love and support. Tim had one more surprise for Emily: soon after Emily turned around to see Tim’s family, her family dog ran came out to greet her. Just hours ago, the dog and Emily’s parents were in Colorado Springs. Tim flew them in for the week to be a part of the surprise backyard proposal and celebration. This has to be one of the nicest and most telling gestures of the type of person Tim is. Emily couldn’t believe it and broke down in (happy) tears. With that, the real celebrations began. Family, friends, and cousins all started to arrive to shower Tim and Emily with love and support. We ended the surprise backyard proposal with a quick photo session before heading inside for an evening of music and celebrations.
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