Detroit Proposal Photography at the DIA

Two months ago, I received an email from John.  At first, I thought it might be spam.  The area code was random and the message was short.  “Hi!  I am looking for Detroit Proposal Photography.” Little did I know that the person on the other end was one of the kindest and most excited boyfriends who was looking to propose the the girl of his dreams.  We spoke on the phone and it quickly became apparent that he wanted his proposal to be perfect.  Luckily for me, that is what I specialize in.

Planning John and Nicole’s proposal was a little tricky.  John lives in Connecticut, where he is a pharmacist, and was unfamiliar with Detroit.  Nicole, was originally from Detroit, but is finishing up her Ph.D out-of-state.  I asked John to describe Nicole.  “She is classy, beautiful, and a kind person.  She is proper.  She is perfect,” he told me.  I always recommend the proposal is one of three things: reflects the person getting proposed to, is a sentimental location with meaning in your relationship, the location reflects the personality of the couple.  With John’s description, I sent him some sample images of locations that would work based on what he was looking for.

The morning before the proposal, John and I met at 8:00 a.m. to do some joint location scouting.  He wanted to see the locations in-person.  I brought my camera to show him exactly what each background would look like and him where I would be standing so he would know exactly what to do.  He decided the front of the DIA would be the spot.  The Detroit Institute of Arts is one of Detroit’s cultural gems.  While the back of the DIA is often most photographed, we decided to shoot in the front.  As John walked up the path onto the driveway, I was waiting, casually hiding in plain sight.  He stopped, held her hands, and proceeded to profess his love and devotion.

Then, he proposed.

Detroit Proposal Photography

Nicole was in absolute and pleasant shock.  Her reaction so genuine and priceless.

Detroit Proposal Photography

Detroit Proposal Photography DIA Proposal

This was when the proposal really started to become fun and Nicole’s excitement started to take over.  She did what any shocked fiancee would do – she called her mom! Photographing this moment was so awesome because Nicole couldn’t contain herself.  She was smiling, laughing, dancing, and letting out little squeaks of happiness.  All of us where laughing as the proposal continued to unfold.

I love this shot!  There is so much here that can’t be explained, only felt.

Even John joined in on the excitement and laughter.  Seriously, does it get much better than this?

So after they had 15 minutes or so, we decided to do a little engagement shoot.  All I did was ask them to hold hands and walk towards me.  This is why I love Nicole.  She just couldn’t contain it!  The reality was too much for her and she couldn’t help but smile, laugh, and outwardly express her excitement.  I am so happy for these two.

Detroit Proposal Photography DIA Detroit Proposal Photography Detroit Proposal Photography

We ended our Detroit proposal photography session with a little bubbly toast on the spot that changed their lives.  It was the perfect ending to a perfect proposal.

Gentleman, if you are on the fence for thinking about doing Detroit proposal photography, just look at these pictures.  Isn’t your special moment worth capturing?

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