Downtown Birmingham Proposal

About a month ago, I received a flurry of emails regarding proposals.  I was excited.  To plan the perfect proposal takes time.  A lot goes into finding the right spot (one that has meaning and fits the personality of the person being proposed to), the right time, the right light, and more.  Michael was well prepared.  He already had the park bench picked out and just needed some fine tuning to make it all happen.  He was going to pull of the best Birmingham proposal.


During their eight months of dating, Natalie and Michael spent a lot of time in Birmingham, particularly on a bench in Quarton Lake Park.  Last Thursday, a plan was devised to go out to dinner and on the way back, stop at the bench.  I was “reading” nearby, waiting for the spot to clear where Michael would propose.

Birmingham proposal

Michael executed the proposal flawlessly!  No, seriously.  Flawlessly.  He brought Natalie up to the spot and gave her a long embrace, even remembering to turn her so I could photograph them with the waterfall in the background.

Birmingham proposal

With the kiss underway, he began to reach into his pocket, where the ring was hiding…

Birmingham proposal

As he started to take a knee, Natalie began saying “Oh my God!  Oh my God!”

Birmingham proposal

As the moment set in, emotions of everything she has been dreaming of set in.  Tears of joy turned into laughter and happiness.

Birmingham proposal Birmingham proposal at Quarton Lake

She realized that I wasn’t actually reading, but was there to photograph the whole thing.  I was busted.  It was the perfect Birmingham proposal.

Birmingham proposal Birmingham proposal Birmingham proposal

Moments don’t get much better than this.

Birmingham proposal Birmingham proposal

This is one of my favorites from their Birmingham proposal.  Their whole world, wrapped up in one image: a bit seclusive, joy, trust, anticipation, and their future.

Birmingham proposal

Ok, back to excitement and that gorgeous ring.

Birmingham proposal she said yes detroit Birmingham proposal Birmingham proposal

Michael’s surprises for Natalie weren’t don though.  He had a book specifically made for her, capturing their relationship and marking this momentous occasion.  Together, they sat and reminisced, looking at the past while ready to embark on their future.

Birmingham proposal

Michael’s Birmingham proposal was awesome.  Even 20 minutes into the proposal, Natalie was still  in shock and awe.  Michael was excited, tender, and emotional.  It was such a sweet moment to capture.

After the proposal, we took a few images to fully capture and remember the day.  A short engagement session to round off their Birmingham proposal.

She Said Yes Detroit Quarton Lake Proposal

The bench.

Birmingham proposal

The book.

Birmingham proposal

The ring.

Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Birmingham proposal Birmingham proposal

On our way back to downtown, we strolled through their favorite street.

Downtown Birmingham proposal

Cuddly and cozy, I let them be and then prompted Natalie, “Go ahead and get a little flirty with Michael.”  This was his reaction.

Downtown Birmingham proposal

Even better than I expected.


Congratulations Michael and Natalie.  Best wishes to you both and thank you for allowing me to be part of such a special moment in your lives.

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