Hello Detroit!

Today is an awesome day for us at She Said Yes! Detroit; our website is live and our blog is up!  We have been dreaming of this website and service for over a year now and decided to pull the trigger, offering couples an official proposal photography service for Metro Detroit and ultimately all of Michigan.  One of the greatest moments in one’s life is the day they get proposed to.  It is so exciting; so emotional.  There aren’t many moments in one’s life that truly define and change the path you are on, but the moment you are proposed to is exactly that.

Detroit proposal at Campus Martius

As a photographer, we are always honored when asked to document such an important and often times, private and personal moment.  You have enough going on emotionally preparing for your proposal.  It can be a nerve-racking week leading up to that moment.  That is why we take special care to make sure all of your preparations and planning is executed perfectly.  With each proposal, we meet with you on-location and walk through the marriage proposal, giving you various options for the moment and showing you exactly where to propose.  We also offer various suggestions on locations based on your fiancee-to-be’s personality and your relationship.  Do they like to be the center of attention?  Are they a touch social shy?  We have got the perfect location and proposal moment lined up for you.

Thank you for considering us to be part of your moment.  We can’t wait to capture your perfect proposal, perfectly.

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