Proposal on Belle Isle, Detroit

Proposal on Belle Isle

I recently photographed a proposal on Belle Isle for another couple, Charles and Reece.  In writing their blog, I realized that I never blogged Sophie and Armel’s proposal on Belle Isle!

Over the summer, Armel sent me a heartfelt email explaining that he was so excited to propose to his girlfriend Sophie.  Neither Sophie nor Armel was from Detroit, so he needed help planning the proposal.  After emailing him some options, he ultimately decided to have his proposal on Belle Isle with the Detroit skyline in the background.

Next, he asked me if I did video.  The answer is “no,” however, I knew just the person who could help.  I called up my friend Aaron Siegel from Red Byrd Creative and explained to him the project.  He was happy to partner up on this assignment.  With the team assembled, it was go time!

Aaron and I arrived early to the scene to set up not only our gear, but some decoys to make it look like we were bystanders.  A bit later, Armel texted us “ready” to let us know he was nearby.  It was a bit nerve-racking watching guests of Belle Isle stroll towards us from a distance only to pass us as they weren’t Armel and Sophie.  When we finally saw Sophie and Armel, it was obviously them – Sophie clutching Armel’s arm while they strolled at half speed along the shoreline.  Armel’s hands buried deep in his pockets as he swayed back and forth with each step.  The whole lead up to the proposal seemed to happened in slow motion.  With every step, I felt the urge to begin lifting my camera but didn’t until Sophie back was towards me.  Finally, with Sophie and Armel in position, it was time for their proposal on Belle Isle.

After talking to Sophie from the heart, Armel backed up and got ready to propose.

proposal on Belle Isle proposal on Belle Isle

Sophie reaction was priceless; a mix of excitement and shock.  As soon as she put her ring on, her personality and love for Armel shined.

proposal on Belle Isle

A few moments after the proposal, Sophie spotted us and couldn’t believe the lengths Armel went to to make her moment perfect.

Following the proposal on Belle Isle, we took some pictures to commemorate their special day.

proposal on Belle Isle proposal on Belle Isle proposal on Belle Isle


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